Beyond the Darkness

Coming October 31st 2017. Four stories will make up Simon M.D. Brewers debut book ‘Beyond the Darkness’. Read on below for more information.

Story 1: A Bard’s Tale 


Anya the Bard is considered the most beautiful woman in the land and living her happily ever after. That is until her husband Christian dies on a cold winter’s eve. Anya is beset with inconsolable grief.

When she is approached by a mysterious Doctor of Somnambulism who claims to be able to resurrect the dead, it seems that her prayers have been answered. She immediately enlists his help in a desperate bid to see her husband once more.

The resurrected corpse that returns to Anya however sets out on a murderous campaign attacking any man that shows an interest in her. Not only that, Anya soon realises that the Doctor who was so willing to help her bring Christian back has a twisted agenda of his own.

For fans of the macabre and monstrous and if you like the classics, ‘The strange Case of Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde’ or ‘Frankenstein’ then missing this will be a grave mistake!

The Bard’s Tale is a creepy gothic parable about learning to let go and coming to terms with death.

Story 2: The Testament of Prisoner X


Imran Mehmood does not want to commit himself to the marriage arranged by his parents. Being that he is a seafarer by occupation, he signs up as an able seaman for the Harbinger and sails far away from home.

There begins his nightmare.

The crew of the ship are wiped out one at a time by an evil temptress and Imran is seduced by this Siren and taken to England and her ancestral home. He competes with a sour decrepit old man to win her affection, who has been under her spell for many years.

Both men are bound to the Siren, body and soul and when Imran Mehmood opens his heart to the evil and darkness he finds himself willing to do unspeakable acts to win her favour.

The only future he can possible have is the same end as the decrepit old man; but can he ever escape her and does he really want to? The Testament of Prisoner X is a story about the depravity of obsession. 

Story 3: A Song of Human Nature


Mother Nature watches and resides in judgement over the earth walkers. She has a poor opinion of the people of flesh and blood. That is when one of these humans, a small baby named Caesare, falls into her care. Mother raises him into adulthood and tasks him with proving that the humans deserve a place in the world.

It is not an easy charge and made yet more difficult when Caesare is inflicted with an evil curse by the spirit of the Wolf King. Upon every full moon a monstrous beast emerges from within him.  How can Caesare prove that the humans deserve to live when he is the worst of them? Can he find a way to escape his curse and show Mother that the earth walkers are worthy of life?

The many ‘Wolfman’ stories are the inspiration for this gothic tale with my own twist that gives this story a whole new perspective. 

Story 4: The Fable – Part One. The Tale of Two Brothers

green man

Twin boys are born to the King and Queen of Ortusland but with their arrival a witch foretells their future. One of the brothers will become good, honest and true; the other will be selfish, dishonest and evil. The witch foretells that in the end one twin will kill the other.   

The older twin Alaric is enslaved and cursed and taken to the dark Netherworld where he lives a life of torture and cannibalism. Basileus, younger by a minute makes corrupting sacrifices and great burdensome decisions as he is sits the throne as King to a vast empire.    

But which is the good brother and which one is evil? As each of them battles their demons they fight their way back to one another to determine the future of Ortusland.  

The Fable is an epic fantasy of good against evil and focus’s on themes of fate and destiny. The story is inspired by epics like Beowulf, Macbeth and Ivanhoe.